Microcontroller experimental outputs

Steam engine sound

The programme was compiled using Keil evaluation SW
The hex file obtained was downloaded into a 89S8252
microController and the recorded audio wav file was
made from the Port 0 output thru speaker & microphone.
Also special effects were added using the Microsoft Recorder

These sounds were made by me using the 89S8252 Micro-controller

Click here for Siren- slow warble!

Click here forAmbulance siren sound!

Click here forHeartbeats!!

Click here forFog-horn

Click here forSpace gremlins

Click here forSiren

Click here forSiren warble

Click here for Ringing bell tone

Click here forRinger

Click here forSoftware generated noise squirter

Click here for
Steam engine sounds

Click here for
Steam engine sounds again

Prayer from Psalm 119 ,in Tamil-by Johnsi Stella


My song videos Links in www.youtube.com

Blue mountains

Blue mountains

Say I Do

Say I Do

Thine is The Glory

Another day

Another day

Pretty little baby


www.youtube.com Spiritual song videos that inspired me

Say I Do- Ray Hildebrand

Cover I did of Ray Hildebrand - Say I Do http://www.rayhildebrand.com/

Without You

Firebrands Music Artist: Danny Ravindra Album: Because I love you Song: Without YOU Music: Lawrence Guna

You need a Miracle

Firebrands Music Song: You need a Miracle Artist / Lyrics: Joanna Satish BGV: Mark Rowlands Music: Lawrence Guna

You are Holy

Artisy: Sherin Jacob Music: Lawrence Guna

All for Love

Firebrands Music Artists: - Joanna Ernest, Joshua Prabhakar, Mark Rowlands, Miracle Ward, Billy Yesudian, Roshan Jones, Esther ...


Recent SOLOs by Suresh Norman - with Microsoft PC recorder and Hp laptop recording

Morning song - Praise for His Mercy by Suresh Norman Praise for His Mercy - lyrics with guitar chords by Suresh Norman

Jesus came down - lyrics with guitar chords by Suresh Norman Jesus came down- sung by Suresh Norman


Spiritual songs

Solo- Blue mountains - composition and sung/guitar by Suresh Norman...

Solo- Blue mountains - lyrics and sung by Suresh Norman...

Blue mountains - lyrics

Solo- Which way, Lord...

Lyrics -Which way, Lord...

Lyrics with guitar chords - Which way, Lord...

Solo -video Which way, Lord...

Solo-Say I Do

Solo-Say I Do

Lyrics of Say I Do with guitar chords ( from Internet)

Solo-In my heart there rings a melody

Solo-Thine is the Glory

Solo-Lift up your hands

Solo-Into the Presence of Jesus my Lord

Solo-Lift up your hands
Solo-You are my hiding place

Solo-I am He that Liveth

Solo-Nothing Is Impossible(Midi accompaniment from Internet)

Solo-make me a channel of Your peace...

Solo-You are my hiding place

Solo-No one but You Lord

Solo-Father, I want you to

Solo-I just want to

Solo-All over the world....

Click here forSolo-You are Crowned with many Crowns

Click here forSolo-Soften my heart Lord

Click here forSolo-As we gather together


Solo-Another Medley

Click here forSolo-There is no problem too big

Click here forSolo- Words could never say

Click here forSolo- Now unto the King Eternal...


Popular songs/Old favourites ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recordings on Hp laptop with Microsoft recorder

Rainsong - lyrics with guitar chords by Suresh Norman Rainsong - sung by Suresh Norman

Jus' a Simple Man - lyrics with guitar chords by Suresh Norman Jus' a simple Man - sung by Suresh Norman

Solo rendition of 1965 release by soul singer Marvin Gaye on the Tamla label. Co-written by Gaye, Clarence Paul and David Hamilton and produced by Paul- Pretty little Baby

Solo of Stephen/Reed's There's a kind of hush

Solo rendition of Charlie Chaplin's 1966 song This is My Song...

Solo-I just called ....(Stevie Wonder's Classic sung by Suresh Norman, midi accompaniment from Internet download)

Solo rendition of Simon & Garfunkle Classic -Sound of Silence

Click here forSolo- If there's anything that you want( The Beatles)

Click here forSolo- Ticket to ride( The Beatles)

Click here forSolo- Close your eyes( The Beatles)

Click here forSolo- She loves you( The Beatles)