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My tolerance of noise is limited. So, I blew a fuse when he was putting a flyball governor through the dummy run. The centrifugal device would lift off the table and make a noise capable of jangling your nerves. I understand the significance of his invention, but the dining table is definitely not the place for his electronic projects. Thanks to his scientific bent of mind, we were once left homeless. A capacitor burst and the mains went off. The owner of the house returned the advance and asked us to leave. And I am not comfortable with his penchant for printed circuit boards. He likes to hoard them and other electronic paraphernalia he picks up at Ritchie Street or Moore Market. Most of these `e-wastes' just accumulate in a corner.


I have always liked to tinker around with things and there is a bit of the mad scientist in me. During my adolescence, I use to make, try or test gadgets in order to discover or prove electronic concepts. My crazy undercover experiments seldom came to light, except on one occasion when I almost electrocuted myself. But now, it is impossible to avoid detection. Even my discreet projects don't remain a secret from her. After marriage, a scientist loses his freedom.


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