Reflections - old and new

by Suresh R Norman Reflections - old and new
       (1) Why did nature grow conscious in time,more and more,till the birth of man 
           on planet earth ?  
           Surely, then, there must be other consciousness even higher to us,elsewhere
           in the Cosmos. 
           Scientists seek for contact with ET civilisations and Spiritualists seek for
           God and spiritual beings,more and more.Some having found him are content,
           others are not so sure about spiritual truths and experiences or are busy 
           with mundane activities.  
       (2) From the vantage point of the pinnacle of the pyramid,man surveys the heavens 
           for answers.
           Besides glancing backwards through the thick mists of history, or precipitiously 
           into the future!

       (3) Who am I?, what am I doing here? and where am I going? is not the query of a 
           single living cell,but of a profound being, man!

 The meta-physical cries 'what am I?' or 'what am I for?' cannot easily be discerned or 
picked up from the single cell (even with advanced acoustic instruments!) 
But, a complex creature of 100 trillion living cells and 20 billion neurons ,walks and 
talks philosophy.Asking questions, and seeking answers from the millions of forms of flora
and fauna on the earth and the infinite starry heavens.
Intrigued by the cosmos and the knowledge of the purpose of existence at the level of the
higher or advanced being.
What of spiritual worlds apprehended by faith? can they be comprehended by reason?
Remember Teilhard de Chardin's suggestion-'maybe the base material of the physical
and spiritual worlds is the same'
Besides the purity and ethics of spirit beings, are spirit visitors to earth also subject
to the force of gravity ? Their floating above the ground level, does it indicate something

       (4) So many layers of truth and knowledge in the physical world ,have been 
           discovered and uncovered by mankind.
           Nature calls the shots and frames the rules,and man zooms to the different levels
           and layers of material truth -studying the beautiful edifices of nature and 
           finding the Universal laws,the 'brick-and-mortar'of the micro and macro-cosm. 

The melodramatic stage of energy and all its manifold manifests-invariably seeking the path
of least resistance,or working against all odds or performing 'random' and bizarre dances!
Such is the magic and charm of the material world we inhabit-though you may give all its 
countless laws and formulae,yet it remains the graceful ,mighty,perplexing world we live 
in daily!